Program Development

Getting a state certified program written and evaluated by the State is a daunting task. It takes years of experience and expertise to understand how to craft a program that actually helps individuals and families resolve the issues that profoundly affects them. Programs should be written and developed to cover the entire spectrum of care which in itself can be described as prevention, intervention, and treatment. The next most crucial step in getting the program executed appropriate to its intent is the development of employee and participant handbooks.

Nate Lowe & Associates has over 40 years of experience in prevention, intervention, and treatment. Therefore, the programs we put in place for our customers will combine the principles associated with these levels of care. Many other programs only concentrate in one main area, but our focus is to infuse these core principles into our customers program to give the participant the opportunity of a better overall outcome.

The Program

The program is based upon the state in which the business unit will reside. Each state has different statutes for what is required to be a fully licensed and certified state program. Currently Nate Lowe & Associates work only in California and Arizona, however we are amendable to discuss opportunities to stretch our services farther. The program development component consists of the following items:

  1. Type written Substance Abuse Program (120-200 pages)
    • Program Description/Mission/Philosophy
    • Programs Goals & Objectives
    • Weekly Activity Schedules
    • Outline of Activities & Services
    • Admission Policies & Procedures
  2. Application for licensure
  3. Plan of Operation
  4. Staffing plan, job Descriptions, & minimum staff qualifications
  5. Develop inventory of community resources to be utilized by facility
  6. Provide Table of Administrative Organization
  7. Written assurance of nondiscrimination in employment practices

Employees/Participants HandBooks

The employee handbook and the participant handbooks are essential to the execution of your program objectives. These material outlines and guides both the employees and participants as to their conduct, participation, facility rules, expectations, etc.

The development of these articles are a seperate service from the actual program itself, but it is extremely necessary to ensure that your facility meets it's goals and objectives. Both handbooks and manual are typewritten, and they truly define the intended culture of the organization's staff and participants. Each of these books are nearly 28 to 40 pages in length.