Process Engineering

In today’s business world companies are striving to figure out how to do consistent job functions more efficient and effective. Good company processes can become a sustainable competitive advantage over other businesses in their industry. Time and time again, if companies do not figure a way to infuse existing technologies into how they conduct their business processes on a daily basis they will often times find themselves unable to compete. Nate Lowe & Associates designs customized processes that are effective, efficient and catered to the way you do business.

Cloud Services

Nate Lowe & Associates works with our clients to ensure that we streamline their processes through electronic means as much as we possibly can. With Cloud computing technology many services are now available to small and medium size businesses at a fraction of the cost. Companies no longer have to hire expensive technical teams to perform IT services, the cloud handles this, and it does a fair job.

Database Storage

Our philosophy is to capture as much information about your business electronically as humanly possible. The benefits of a strong data capturing strategy are consistent and precise reporting, powerful business analytics, and the ability to use the company’s data to make business decisions that drive the company.

We work with your business heads to develop a comprehensive system wide approach that involves most or all of your cost centers. We then try and work with existing processes to gain easy access to information and work with the data owner to put the data in a format in which could be easily shared through our system wide approach. We then develop data storage areas to house the information and then develop electronic processes to more easily capture the information. And from that, we produce reporting packages that allow you to more effectively run your business.