Dr. Lowe graduated from Coahoma Community College (1968) with a degree in Health Education. He received degrees in Social Work (1975), Counseling (1976), an Educational Specialist Degree in Management and Supervision (1978) from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, IL. He obtained his Doctorate in Psychology from Rockwell University (1984)

Dr. Nate Lowe is a pioneer in the field of substance abuse treatment. He has more than forty years (1972-Present) of personal, practical, and professional experience providing prevention, intervention, and treatment to individuals who struggle with substance abuse related problems. He has developed and directed treatment programs around the country. He is recognized nationally and internationally for his innovative work in the field of addiction. For sixteen years Dr. Nate Lowe directed the Marine Corps Drug Prevention Program at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, San Diego, CA. In addition, he has traveled extensively, both in and out of the country, providing training and education to other military installations. He is a consultant to other substance abuse programs to include La Jolla Addiction Healing Center, Inc. an organization providing intensive outpatient substance abuse services for individuals who struggle with alcohol and drugs.

Published Author

Doctor Nate Lowe is the published author of three great books “Recovery the Road Ahead”,“To Be Somebody” and “Captured Dreams: Above and Beyond.”

“Recovery the Road Ahead" is a masterpiece for individuals who struggle with addictions and seek to change his or her lifestyle. His book is widely used, especially among individuals in early recovery. He speaks to large groups on the recovery process and how to address early warning signs of relapse.

"To Be Somebody" captures the early years of Dr. Lowe’s life. As a child, Dr. Lowe was met with multiple obstacles and challenges, but he never gave up. Once he set his heart, mind, and soul on doing something, he did not allow anything to stand in his way; he stayed the course. He dreamed of being a business person, an entrepreneur and owning his business. He dreamed of being a doctor who would help others look at life in a more positive and constructive manner. He hoped that one day he would not be judged by the color of his skin but by the content of his character

"Captured Dreams: Above and Beyond" is a true story that follows the dramatic and compelling life of a man born into difficult yet uniquely American circumstances. Puny Tang, better known as Nathanial Lowe, was born on "Mr. Charlie's Plantation," near Glen Allan, Mississippi, into a dysfunctional family and oppressive environment in the South. Diagnosed by a doctor as "crazy" at the age of nine, Nate seems destined for failure and even an early and uncelebrated grave. However, the young boy's indomitable spirit, perserverance, and sheer determination cleared the way for a much different path.


Provider of Continual Education Units(CEU)
Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (QSAP)
National Association Social Workers (Member)
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPC)