The Professional

Nate Lowe & Associates Consulting team is available in California and Arizona. We specialize in assisting new business startups, and existing businesses enter the market of Substance Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation service. We provide step by step instructions on how to become a State License Program, and what it takes to get participants in the door with limited investment dollars. With more than four decades (1972 – Present) of working in the field of substance abuse, our senior consultant, Dr. Nate Lowe, is one of the pioneers in the area of substance abuse treatment, prevention, and intervention. He has developed and directed programs in hospital and residential settings. For sixteen years he directed the United States Marine Corps Drug Prevention Program.

We know and understand how to help people help themselves, and with this skill, we want to assist others in addressing this epidemic. Mental Health and Substance Abuse is one of the fasting growing areas in the country topping out at nearly 14% of individuals above the age of 12 in some states. We are the catalyst for program development, and we are trying to spread it one organization at a time.

Our Vision For Rehabilitation Programs

Often, those who are struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction have depleted their resources. Most have been reduced to the lowest common denominator. They fear to get help thinking they may fail one more time. Our vision is to help build a network of efficient and effective services that will provide hope to the many men and women who feel desperate, overwhelmed, and become prisoners to addictions; to families who feel hopeless and to communities that are in ruin. With proper treatment and support, our mission is to make a difference by seeing something good in the lives of those we serve and the community we live. It has already been proven that recovery is possible and many are able to stop abusing drugs and alcohol, and successfully rebuild their lives. We believe that we can, and we will make a difference given the chance and opportunity.